Redbridge06/12/2022 at 3:56am
Kenichi Ohashi MW, president of Red Bridge, conducted a sake seminar in Malaysia for his client’s staff, featuring a renowned sake brand which has been exported to Malaysia by Kenichi’s distribution company.

Red Bridge代表の大橋健一MWは、マレーシアにおける日本酒の輸出先クライアントのスタッフの方々を対象に、取り扱い銘醸酒に関する日本酒セミナーを行なってきました。

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Redbridge10/11/2022 at 2:16am
Kenichi Ohashi MW, president of Red Bridge, participated in the "Wine Pinnacle Awards 2022" held in Singapore as one of the technical committee members. Kenichi, together with Andreas Larsson the Best Sommelier of the World 2007, gave a masterclass featuring wines from Pomerol and Saint-Emilion regions. Thank you to everyone who attended the event.

Red Bridge代表の大橋健一MWはシンガポールで行われた「Wine Pinnacle Awards 2022」(ワイン・ピナクル・アワーズ)にて、ポムロール、サンテミリオン地区のワインに関して、世界最優秀ソムリエのアンドレアス・ラーセン氏と共にマスタークラス講師をさせて頂きました。ご来場の皆様、ありがとうございました。

#WinePinnacleAwards Kenichi Ohashi MW
Redbridge27/10/2022 at 11:04am
Kenichi Ohashi MW, president of Red Bridge, serves as the marketing consultant of CVNE, Contino and Vina Real. Recently he visited these wineries and conducted research that will be reflected on next year's promotion activities. And Kenichi is hoping to fully demonstrate what he has learned during this visit at the masterclasses that resume next year. Stay tuned.

Red Bridge代表の大橋健一MWは、自らがマーケティング・コンサルタントを務めるCVNE/Contino/Vina Real社を訪問し、来年のプロモーション施策に反映させるべくリサーチを行ってきています。

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Redbridge25/10/2022 at 12:07am
Red Bridge代表の大橋健一MWは、大阪で開催される株式会社桶谷主催の「リカー&フードフェス 2022」における、ワインセミナー「ワインで取り組むSDGs」の講師を務めさせて頂きます。皆様どうぞ奮ってご参加下さいませ。

日程: 11月8日(火) ① 12:30~13:30 ② 14:30~15:30


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Redbridge20/10/2022 at 12:31pm
We are pleased to share a recent interview of Kenichi Ohashi MW that has been published as an article on Vinexposium connect. Please check out the article below.

このたび、Vinexposium connectにてRed Bridge代表 大橋健一MWへのインタビュー記事が掲載されました。 以下のリンクより是非ご一読ください。

#vinexposiumconnect Kenichi Ohashi MW
Redbridge07/09/2022 at 11:51am
On September 6th,「2022 Discover Georgian Wine」grand tasting was held in Tokyo, which organized by Red Bridge led by Kenichi Ohashi MW, under the auspices of National Wine Agency of Georgia.

Kenichi Ohashi MW, as the ambassador of Georgian wine in Japan, together with a famous sommlier Mr. Motohiro Okoshi gave three different seminars about Georgian wine on the same day. In total 200 kinds of Georgian wines were showcased which attracted around 300 guests.

We would like to thank all participants for coming to the event, and the importers for their great support!
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9月6日、Red Bridgeでは大橋健一MWの下、National Wine Agency of Georgia (ジョージア国家ワイン庁)主催の「Discover Georgian Wine」 ジョージアワイン大試飲会を運営させて頂きました。



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Kenichi Ohashi MW