Redbridge07/09/2022 at 11:51am
On September 6th,「2022 Discover Georgian Wine」grand tasting was held in Tokyo, which organized by Red Bridge led by Kenichi Ohashi MW, under the auspices of National Wine Agency of Georgia.

Kenichi Ohashi MW, as the ambassador of Georgian wine in Japan, together with a famous sommlier Mr. Motohiro Okoshi gave three different seminars about Georgian wine on the same day. In total 200 kinds of Georgian wines were showcased which attracted around 300 guests.

We would like to thank all participants for coming to the event, and the importers for their great support!
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9月6日、Red Bridgeでは大橋健一MWの下、National Wine Agency of Georgia (ジョージア国家ワイン庁)主催の「Discover Georgian Wine」 ジョージアワイン大試飲会を運営させて頂きました。



#ジョージアワイン #ジョージア #ユネスコ世界遺産 #クヴェヴリ #8000years
Kenichi Ohashi MW
Redbridge13/06/2022 at 8:06am
Kenichi Ohashi MW, president of Red Bridge, is now traveling in Croatia and has learned a lot about the Croatian wine industry.
And Kenichi hopes to apply what he has obtained through such trips to various opportunities of works in the future.
#croatianwine #croatia

Red Bridgeの代表の大橋健一MWは現在クロアチアを訪問しています。クロアチアワイン産業に関して数多くの学びをさせて頂いていますが、こうして得た学びも今後様々な機会で還元させて頂きたいと思います。
Redbridge25/05/2022 at 8:07am
Kenichi Ohashi MW, president of Red Bridge, conducted a Chilean wine masterclass organized by Mercian, focusing on the essence of high-quality Chilean wines through a tasting of 11 wines including premium wines from Concha y Toro imported by Mercian. Thank you everyone who joined the masterclass at two venues in Tokyo, Osaka and guests who joined simultaneously online.
#ConchayToro #Chileanwine #Mercian

Red Bridge代表の大橋健一MWは、メルシャン主催による「チリワイン マスタークラス」の講師を務めさせて頂きました。
#コンチャイトロ #チリワイン #メルシャン
Redbridge16/03/2022 at 3:07am
Kenichi Ohashi MW, president of Red Bridge, gave a seminar on March 15th featuring "Mercian Wines”, a new concept brand of Mercian that has been released this spring!

The seminar was attended by a great number of guests mainly online from all over the country. Many thanks to everyone who participated the seminar!

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#multicountryblend #multicontinentalblend

3月15日、Red Bridgeの代表の大橋健一MWは、メルシャンが新たに今春ご紹介しているコンセプト・ブランド ’メルシャン・ワインズ’ のローンチング・セミナー講師を務めさせて頂きました。


#メルシャンワインズ #メルシャン #ブレンズ #パーフェクトブレンド
#マルチカントリーブレンド #マルチコンチネンタルブレンド
Redbridge10/02/2022 at 9:38am
Kenichi Ohashi MW, president of Red Bridge, was involved in creating a promo-video for Sake of his hometown, Tochigi Prefecture. Now the video "Tochigi Prefecture, Home of High-Quality Sake” with English subtitles is also available. Please visit the links below to check out the videos!
#TochigiSake Kenichi Ohashi MW

Red Bridgeの代表の大橋健一MWが関わらせていただいた、栃木県産酒類のプロモーション映像「栃木県 高品質日本酒のふるさと」の英語字幕版も公開されました。ご興味のある方は是非ご覧ください!


Redbridge28/12/2021 at 3:47am
Kenichi Ohashi MW, president of Red Bridge, has been Sake co-chair of the International Wine Challenge and is also a member of the final judging panel at Annual Japan Sake Awards which is the most prestigious competition in Japan’s sake industry. Kenichi was involved in creating a promo-video for Sake from his hometown, Tochigi prefecture. The video entitled "Tochigi Prefecture Home of High-Quality Sake” is available on below links. And please stay tuned for an English version of the video soon! #tochigisake #sasara

Red Bridgeの代表の大橋健一MWは、インターナショナル・ワイン・チャレンジ(IWC)日本酒部門の議長を務める他、日本酒業界において最も権威の 高い全国新酒鑑評会における決審審査委員も務めています。
この度、大橋本人の故郷である栃木県産酒類のプロモーション映像「栃木県 高品質日本酒のふるさと」の作成に関わらせて頂き、同県産の高品質な日本酒の魅力をご紹介させて頂いています。ご興味のある方は、是非ご視聴ください。
#栃木の日本酒 #栃木県酒造組合 #栃木県産日本酒



栃木県ホームページ内「とちぎ動画6ch 魅力発見!!栃マップ」