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Tochigi Sake Series🍶 - 3. Sohomare (惣誉)

The style of Sohomare sake:
'Spicy with mild amino acid tones. A judiciously-handled refined and gentle style that is suitable for ageing.’

Sohomare sake shows excellent consistency without the slightest deviation from its sake style. The company's effort, which focuses on the traditional Kimoto method, aims to produce sake that can be stored at room temperature without deterioration. The palate is well-structured, yet delivering a rounded and supple texture with spicy complexity brought by the meticulous blending of sake from multiple vintages. Sohomare sake boasts exceptional quality that brings it deep-rooted popularity all over Japan.

The sake rice used for brewing Sohomare sake, it should be noted, is mainly harvested in a renowned Grand Cru-equivalent quality district called Yokawa district located in Nadagogo area of Hyogo Prefecture, one of the well-known sake producing prefectures in Japan (Kobe, which is famous for its Wagyu beef, is the prefectural capital of Hyogo).

In recent years, the company has started to support the preservation of the "grey-faced buzzard" (an endangered species of hawk) that inhabits the local area of the sake brewery. Japan’s sake industry has seen increasing sustainability activities for natural environment preservation.

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大橋 健一
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Red Bridge代表の大橋健一MWは、自らが運営するワイン・オンライン・コミュニティーとなるThe Wine Stationにおいて、初の和酒イヴェントを開催させて頂きました。

Caplan Wine Academyのサポートの下、今回は日本酒蔵として、福岡県から白糸酒造(田中六五)、そして宮崎県から黒木本店(百年の孤独、中々等)、尾鈴山蒸留所(山ねこ、山翡翠等)を講師に、大橋MWと大越ソムリエが説明を加える、新しい形のマスタークラスとなりました。

引き続きこうした機会を積極的につくりながら、The Wine Stationのコミュニティーの強化、そして日本のアルコール業界の文化度の向上に貢献してゆきたいと思います。

尚、The Wine Stationのコミュニティーにご興味をお持ちの際は、是非こちらのアドレスにアクセス下さい↓

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Kenichi Ohashi MW, president of Red Bridge, held the first event on Japanese traditional alcohol beverages to be organized within "The Wine Station” (an online wine community in Japan run by Kenichi), with the support of Caplan Wine Academy.

The event was a new form of masterclass featured presentation by two producers that were Shiraito Sake Brewery (Tanaka 65) from Fukuoka Prefecture, and Kuroki Honten (Hyakunen no Kodoku, Nakanaka, etc.) from Miyazaki Prefecture who also owns Osuzuyama Distillery (Yamaneko, Yamasemi, etc.), accompanied by Kenichi and a famous sommelier Mr. Okoshi who provided comments at the event.

We hope to continue creating more opportunities in the future to strengthen the community of "The Wine Station” , meanwhile to promote the culture and awareness of Japanese alcohol beverages.

If you are interested in "The Wine Station", please view the website from the links below.

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Tochigi Sake Series 🍶

2. Mikamoyama (三毳山) and Tosho (東照)

The sake style:
‘A sophisticated, dry style exhibiting a transparency, with impressive restrained floral notes and banana aromas.’

Last year when Kenichi Ohashi MW had the fortunate to taste sake from every brewery in Tochigi Prefecture, he was so delighted to discover the exceptional quality sake from Sagara Brewing Co., Ltd. which is the brewer of Mikamoyama and Tosho. And no wonder why Kenichi had never encountered its sake before, it is the smallest producer in Tochigi prefecture by production volume. You can say that it is a garagiste style of sake.

The brewery is located in the southwestern part of Tochigi Prefecture in a town called Tochigi City, which is a fascinating tourist destination to visit. Besides boasting a stunning scenery of old historic buildings lined up along the river, it is also home to a Ramsar-designated wetland site with a wealth of nature.

With a focus on the use of locally renowned sake rice varieties including "Asahinoyume", "Yumesasara" and "Gohyakumangoku", the brewery is strongly highlighting the uniqueness of local sake.

Sake brewed by Sagara Brewing Co., Ltd. has an absolutely refined style displaying a perfect polished sophistication, while retaining faint tones of quality steamed rice alongside hints of banana flavor, with a sense of beauty exhibiting great transparency.

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Tochigi Sake Series 🍶- 1. Shikisakura / 四季桜

The style of Shikisakura sake:
‘Linear, yet showing a faint sweetness, the style is dry with quality steamed rice tones.’

Located in Utsunomiya, the prefectural capital of Tochigi Prefecture, Utsunomiya Shuzo Co., Ltd. is known for its Shikisakura sake, which has been a consistently popular sake brand beloved by the local consumers. Shohei Imai, the current chief brewer of Utsunomiya Shuzo, spent a long time working for the brewer of Kouro (Kumamoto Prefecture Sake-Brewing Research Center) which is the birthplace of “Association Yeast No.9”. With this experience, he is highly skilled in using the original “Association Yeast No.9", a yeast which has been highly popular for its superior quality and still widely used even in today’s sake industry. Shikisakura is also known for using the renowned sake rice variety “Gohyakumangoku” cultivated in the local area by contract farmers as its major raw material.

By virtue of the careful selection of raw material and high brewing skills, Shikisakura sake ranging from its premium quality-tier sake to entry-level sake have won gold awards at international sake competitions, which has earned it a solid reputation.

Shikisakura has a linear, slim texture, yet there is a consistent mid-palate breadth brought by freshly cooked quality steamed rice tones, accompanied by the flavours of Japanese nashi pear, white peach, honeysuckle blossoms and a hint of clove-like spice notes. Overall it is a dry style boasting gentle, supple mouthfeel.

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Kenichi Ohashi MW
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Announcement of a series of posts on quality sake from Tochigi Prefecture!

We are pleased to announce that in the upcoming severe cold season from January to March during the peak period of sake brewing, Kenichi Ohashi, president of Red Bridge and a Master of Wine in Japan, will introduce a range of high-quality sake from his hometown Tochigi Prefecture (located about 100km north of Tokyo). This series of posts will be published on our Facebook page every week over 10-week period, as a part of Tochigi Prefecture’s sake promotion.

And we're very delighted to invite Christy Canterbury, a friend of Kenichi and a Master of Wine living in the US which is the largest overseas market for sake, to interact with Kenichi via comments and approach food pairing with Tochigi sake from the perspective as an American. Meanwhile, we’ll also have Sam Harrop, a Master of Wine based in New Zealand who's responsible for establishing IWC Sake competition which is now the world's largest international Sake competition, to join the conversation and comment on the uniqueness and style of each sake brewery from a global perspective.

We hope this series of posts will make pleasant reading. Please stay tuned to our Facebook page!
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Red Bridge代表の大橋健一MWは、2023年2月6日(月)にキャプラン・ワイン・アカデミーの会場にて、「和酒‘日本酒と本格焼酎’特別セミナー」を開催させていただきます。大橋MWの日本酒と焼酎に関するコメントが学べるとっておきの機会となります。皆様、ぜひ奮ってご参加ください。

   〒107-0062 東京都港区南青山3-1-30 PASONA SQUARE 16階


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